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THIS IS NEW! FTK Lacrosse is proud to start offering positional skills classes to all players throughout the great state of Louisiana. FTK Positional School is the perfect platform for all players, at all positions, of all ages to come develop and enhance the specific skills at each position it takes to play and excel this game. Not only are these classes for those players with many years of experience who are always looking to get better, but these sessions are targeted toward brand new players as well! Learning to play this sport starts from ground zero, so if any of the Kids have any friends that want to learn this sport or pay it forward, we would love to teach them.

Our FTK Positional School classes are segmented by region, so each player will be receiving instruction from coaches in your specific area (New Orleans, Northshore, Baton Rouge, Lafayette & River Cities). This helps a lot with travel and having the Positional School classes take place 'close to home'. The focus of these individual to small group sizes is to place a premium on player development catered to that specific position.

We will have FTK Positional School Coaches that not only have a deep knowledge of the game as a whole and are still either a player or are coaching at a high level but have played the actual position themselves. It makes a HUGE difference to have someone that your child can relate to as a player and be able to find a sense of comfort in learning from them, asking tons of questions, and potentially developing a long-lasting relationship with. Ultimately, we want to give the Kids a great experience while pushing them to be their best, on and off the field. This type of training getting instilled in their lifestyle at a young age will pay dividends as they attack their future! If you are interested, please submit a request above.

* An FTK Positional School Teacher will contact you directly to finalize your session time and dates.

Pay for Classes

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*The FTK Positional school is a separate fee from your yearly or seasonal registration

Class Fees

Honors Indiv. Class: $50 /hr
AP Indiv. Class: $75 /hr
Group Class: $40 /hr

Cancellation Policy

If a FTK teacher needs to cancel, we will notify you at least 2 hours in advance of the class, you will receive a 'credit' to attend a future class with your assigned teacher. If you need to cancel, we require that you cancel at least 4 hours prior to you class time, you will receive a credit for the class. Cancelling less than 4 hours of your class will result in no refund or credit for the class. Please work directly with your teacher to reschedule. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.